DIY Tips to Improve your Rental Property

Spring DIY Tips to Improve your Rental Property

Spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to decide which spring DIY (do it yourself) projects will improve your rental property.† Here are some simple and easy projects can brighten your rental propertyís appeal.

  • Front Door Pizzazz
    A fresh coat of paint to your front door change the entire look of your home. Choosing a bold color will draw attention to any one passing by.
  • Light Fixtures with POP
    Pick light fixtures that accentuate your propertyís character. You should also be aware of dimly lit areas that need better illumination.
  • Improve your Landscaping
    Know your Colorado climate and chose whether you want low or high maintenance plants. It will help if you make a simple sketch of your lawn indicating where to plant what. It will save you time and effort once the planting process begins.
  • Power Washing
    Use your garden hose on the strongest setting to blast off dirt. It will make residents as well as potential residents turn their heads.
  • Is there Debris In Your Yard?
    Rake or mow leaves from your yard, remove large sticks, prune and trim any bushes or hedges. This will make your investment exactly the way you want it.
  • Clean Gutters
    Clean and repair your gutters to get ready for the coming showers.

Now that Spring is here, let the warmer weather serve as a reminder to get your home in tip-top shape as soon as possible. Prepare your home to look and feel as comfortable as you would want if you lived there. Save money by utilizing your DIY skills evident or unknown and maximize your lifelong investment.


Love Your Property Management Company

Knowing that someone has your back instills you with confidence. A reliable partner by your side is great, both personally and business-wise. It doesn’t matter if itís a family member, someone at work, or even a fellow member of a sports team on which you play, it’s always great to have that kind of reliable partner.

The same can be said for being involved in your community association. You volunteer your time and services for the betterment of your community, and you do so because you care about where you live. You want to make sure you and your neighbors are living the most comfortable life possible. However sometimes you can feel worn thin. You may work a full-time job and have responsibilities at home with your family, so having a trustworthy partner can alleviate many of the stresses you may feel as a concerned individual. Thatís where Aviva Properties, your professional community management company can assist!

Below are five great reasons to consider hiring the best community management company to help with day-to-day operations.

  1. Makes your job easier.
  2. Adds value.
  3. Saves you money.
  4. Offers great advice.
  5. Makes a difference. Every day.

Having a strong community management company as your everyday partner can make all the difference in the world. For more information on what a great community management company can do for you, contact Aviva Properties.